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Association and Company Management
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Career Choice Counselin
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Our Goal is to

Provide Additional Assistance in Addition to the Formal Education System

We are a newly formed company with the primary goal of helping other legal entities and indi-viduals. Our company was formed with the consideration of providing additional assistance in addition to the formal education system.

Keep your business up-to-date & professional

Training in all Levels

We organise adult education events and conferences and train trainers who then become trainers for others. In addition, we offer different training opportunities for different age groups (young, old), we work to increase the employment rate.

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Our Service

We provide counseling

in several areas, mainly with the help of non-formal education methods:

Business Development

Edelweiss helps businesses develop and grow through non-formal education methods that offer valuable insights and strategies.

Association and Company Management

We provides tailored solutions to help associations and companies improve their management practices.

Career Choice Counseling

Edelweiss offers career choice counseling to help young people identify their strengths, interests, and values to make informed career choices.

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Courses organized by us

Courses organized by us

Last year we organized two training courses for trainers. Our first course took place in…

Teaching Training Activity in Turkey

Teaching Training Activity in Turkey

Home News Contact Languages Teaching Training Activity in Turkey  8th October 2022 On 5th, 6th…

Empowering Disadvantaged Youth for Economic Growth

In our activities, we focus on young people who are disadvantaged: people with reduced mobili-ty, those living in the countryside, those with less education or little access to useful infor-mation, as we believe that we can build a strong economic community with the right economic knowledge and background.

Empowering Adult Educators and Students with Disabilities

The target groups of our projects are adult educators, teachers who are responsible for the education of people with disabilities and adult students. Through studies, face-to-face meetings, problem-focused meetings and needs assessments in the participating institutions, we have identified the following common needs and challenges that we can address to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and digital skills for people with disabilities.

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If you’re interested in our services or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to discuss how we can help you or your organization achieve your goals.
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